Meet Kim Barron


Certified HAFA Specialist

Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives

Obama Plan HAMP

     Ca. Brokers License #00994339

“With the rapidly changing market in real estate and mortgage loans, it has never 
been more critical than now to make the right long term decision.” 

“When you are forced to make tough choices about your home, you need straight 
answers, not false promises.” Kim Barron

Kim Barron has been in Mortgage Banking and Real Estate 
since 1984. She began her career in real estate as a Loan 
Processor for an independent mortgage broker in San Diego, 
California. She was quickly promoted through the ranks of the real 
estate mortgage business to the positions of Underwriter, Funder, 
Insuring and Guaranteeing Officer, Loan Officer, Regional Vice 
President for wholesale lending, and now the President/Broker for 
Finance Plus Real Estate and Finance Plus Mortgage.

Kim Barron is a HAFA Certified Specialist (Home Affordable 
Foreclosure Alternatives) for the Obama Plan. She has a 100% 
successful close record for Short Sales since 2007. Currently, 
6 out of 10 Short Sales end up in the Seller going into Foreclosure 
due to the Agent’s lack of knowledge in negotiating with banks and 
investors. These are devastating statistics, and unacceptable results 
from agents who claim to “do short sales”. And guess who is 
permanently credit damaged for the next 10 years? The Seller.

 "There is no substitute for experience and results in Real Estate"


Kim Barron has won Top Producer awards for real estate sales, Top 
Producer for Loan Origination, and awards from her wholesale banks for Best 
Loan Packaging, she is the Broker and Owner of Finance Plus Real Estate and 
Finance Plus Mortgage since 1991. In addition to selling real estate and 
Mortgage Banking, she has been building homes in San Diego, California 
since 1999. Kim Barron conducts seminars for the public to educate them with 
the latest market conditions and consumer protection. She is a Certified HAFA 
Specialist under HAMP, Obama Plan for Home Ownership Preservation, holds 
the professional designations of ABR,CRS,SFR,SRES.

Providing consumers with Professional Real Estate Solutions since 1984


In today’s market when so many people are being forced to make very tough decisions about 
their future, it is critical that you have accurate information from a Qualified ,Certified and 
Licensed Expert, so that you can make the most informed decision for your family. The 
decisions that you make today will have a financial and employment impact on your life for 
many years to come. Everything that you plan for in your future will revolve around the money 
and credit decisions that you make today. Once you make a bad decision, it cannot be erased, 
and will follow you for at least 10 years into your future. I am here to give you very valuable, 
truthful and insightful facts, it is up to you what you do with that information. For some of you, it 
will be very difficult to be faced with the reality of your situation. But as in life, the strong will 
survive, learn from their experiences ,and do what is necessary to secure their long term goals 
for their families.

“ My clients best interest are always my highest priority”

In Closing...

Never settle for a less experienced 
Broker/HAFA Negotiator.

 Your future Financial Security is on the line.


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