Don't Mortgage Your Future.

I can stop your Foreclosure NOW!

Okay, you have been receiving rude and threatening phone calls from your mortgage company because you are not able to make your payment, right?  You don’t want to answer your phone and are probably even thinking of changing your cell phone number just to make it STOP!

Foreclosure happens to the rich, to the poor, to the famous and to the average person.  In good neighborhoods and in bad, in economic booms as well as busts.

You have tried Loan Modification and been denied or maybe you believed it was approved because the bank agreed to reduce your next 3 mortgage payments only to discover that the bank denied your request for modification.  Of course, the bank “conveniently” informs you of the denial just after you make that third payment.

In any case, the bank is now Foreclosing and the time for action is NOW. 

Do you know your rights when it comes to Foreclosure? 

Do you know that you still have options?

I have been in the Banking and Real Estate business in California since 1984.  I am not only an expert in Mortgage Banking but also in Real Estate.

I have successfully negotiated and SOLD 100% of my Short Sale properties.  Oh, and by the way, my clients have never paid me one penny!

I have been able to save my client’s credit, prevent Foreclosure, and kept them in their homes for several months without making a mortgage payment or paying property taxes!

Unlike my competitors, I stay with you for years after the sale and make sure that I get you in a position to purchase a new home with a fixed rate in as little as 1 year.  I have even short sold client’s home and they immediately purchase another home and moved into it at the close of their short sale!  They bought a home with a FHA 30 year fixed rate loan!

The most important issue facing you right now is to save your credit! 

A Foreclosure is a permanent Public Record for everyone to see and stays on your credit report for 10 years.

Employers, insurance companies, finance companies, utility companies, will all see this negative rating and it will impact you for years to come.

Haven’t you been through enough already?  It’s time to start enjoying your life again.

Stop robbing Peter to pay Paul for your mortgage payment.

Stop harassing phone calls from your bank.

Stop depleting your savings and 401K until you are broke.

Stop stressing over a house that is only worth ½ of what you owe against it.

Stop being in denial.

It’s time to hit the Restart button.  You need to act on your rights and negotiate for the best possible outcome for your family’s future.  I will explain in detail your options, rights, and help you through one of the most difficult financial situations that you will most likely experience.  Never leave your future in the hands of someone with less experience, knowledge, and success rate!

Kim Barron

I’m here to protect your future.


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