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I am Certified SRES-Senior Real Estate Specialist with the National Association of Realtors. As such, I am an expert in listing and selling properties in Probate. I work closely with Attorney’s during the Probate process and insure that all of the Real Estate sales documents are done correctly and according to California Probate Code. Whether under the IAEA with full or limited authority or not under IAEA, it is imperative that Probates are handled by a Broker with Certified and working knowledge to insure the Estate the maximum inheritance.



Real Estate and Mortgage Loan Analyst

I work with Attorney’s and their clients to assist and advice on cases relating to Real Estate and Mortgage Loan fraud. Having worked in every aspect of the Mortgage Banking business and Real Estate business, I am well versed in finding and guiding Attorney’s to the paper trails of documentation to discover possible fraud or misrepresentation. If you have a possible real estate or mortgage loan related issue in your case, it is imperative that you have all of the documents that were related to the transaction. Do you know what documents you should have? Do you know how the documents are related to your case? Are you aware that many documents have the same information but on various different forms and that the information could be different depending on who gave you the forms? I connect all of the dots for you, and advise you what documents you are missing that could completely change your perspective on your case. I work on an hourly basis for consultation work.


Expert Court Witness-Divorce cases

I work on an hourly rate for Expert Court Witness as for Real Estate. Evaluate the disposition of Real Estate and Loan Analysis. I will provide expert testimony and offer to sell real estate where the court has deemed it necessary to liquidate property for Dissolution.

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