Short Sales

Informative Guide

The following documents are necessary to start your Short Sale:

  1. The Last 2 Years of Tax Returns and W-2's
  2. The 2 most recent salary vouchers
  3. The 2 most recent bank statements
  4. Your most recent mortgage loan statement

When we begin the process, we will provide the necessary forms to make the Short Sale.

We will assist you in doing the following:

  1. Decadence Letter
  2. Declaration of Income and Expenses
  3. Short Sale Request Letter

Almost nobody qualifies for a Loan Modification so the best thing you can do is protect your credit with a Short Sale. Remember, with a Short Sale, you can return to the Real Estate Market very soon, you just have to keep your credit satisfactory.

The worst thing you can do is do nothing!

If you ignore the lender, they will initiate a Foreclosure as soon as possible.

I can help you, even if your lender has already requested a Notice of default in payment!

Other companies are not allowed by law to hire you to make a Loan Modification if your lender has already requested a Notice of Failure to Pay.

Foreclosure and Bankruptcy remain in your credit report for 10 years!

You must protect your credit. Your credit rating affects everything you buy.

What do we charge for this service? 

It is absolutely FREE!

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