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Top 10 Legal Mistakes Home Buyers Make

1.Not realizing that if you don't write a strong offer to purchase,seller may reject, or not respond.

2 Not realizing that if you don't write a strong offer, you may lose the property to another buyer.

3.Not realizing that a seller need not treat your offer as confidential

4. Not understanding when a contract becomes legally binding.

5.Entering into an agreement before checking if the seller will be able to close escrow due to records/ liens.

6.Not understanding legal implications of loan and inspection contingencies,other contract provisions.

7.Not obtaining seller's disclosures including  disclosures mandated by law.

8. Not conducting your own inspections/investigations as the buyer.

9.Not understanding legal,tax,credit, and other ramifications of homeownership.

10.Not properly handling a claim for property defects discovered after close of escrow.

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